No Ceilings Data Viz Review

No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project was a project done by Fathom studio for the Gates and Clinton Foundations as part of the 20th year anniversary of the UN’s movement to promote international gender equality. The project focuses on several visualizations of different datasets regarding gender inequality. These are of various sizes and complexities.

The homepage features a large visualization that draws the user in to interact with. It shows the gap of men and women in the workforce in different countries.   I like how familiar and chart like it looks, but its design is still very striking and the interactivity is seamless.

There are also mobile visualizations, which are also quite striking. For example, this one looks at child bride rates in different countries. While it is simple, it’s very effective and engaging.

This same visualization can be shown on a desktop.

There is also a map where you can see several different visualizations. This is both on mobile and desktop and serves as a control panel for many of the datasets that have their own visualizations.

Overall, this website is meant for a wide range of people, but specifically geared towards younger people (thus the stress on mobile visualization) and policy makers. I found it very effective because not only are the visualizations appealing they are also quite layered and have a natural flow for the user to follow the story and delve deeper into the data. And the power of focusing on multiple platforms is definitely very effective in terms of practicality.