Data Log: 2/11/17, Nina Lutz

Discrete Events:
  • Ordered stuff on Amazon
  • Ordered stuff on Instacart
  • Watched some YouTube videos
  • Make a Dominos order for a dorm event
  • Paid my credit card, and with my card for the things above
  • Splitwised my friend Joyce when she paid for the Uber to go to lunch with friends
  • Splitwised other friends when I paid for lunch
  • Used Lyft to get us back from lunch
  • MIT printer authentication when I printed some forms
  • Watched some Netflix
  • Blogged this post
All day: 
  • Steps counted on my phone
  • Background syncing on apps (DropBox, Evernote, Creative Cloud, iCloud) while I was doing my work on my computer
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Snapchat)
  • Emails throughout the day
  • Text messages throughout day
  • Various MIT ID taps as I traveled through the dorms
  • Certificates and password keychain access when I was visiting certain sites
  • Various logs from my terminal when I was utilizing it to do different commands and write small pset scripts throughout the day
  • Internet history, caching, cookies, etc