Almaha’s Data Log for 13/02/2017

9:00 am
Woke up and checked WhatsApp, Messenger, and Snapchat. Replied on messages and shared my morning snowy view in Snapchat.

9:30 am
Started browsing for good egg recipe, found a great one!
10:30 am
Used BBM to video call my friend and family.

12:00 pm
Started interviewing new graduate students that want to join our group using appear.In, I highly recommend this app if you want to conduct group meetings.

2:30 pm
Created a list of all the things I need to get from Star Market using iPhone reminders app.

4:00 pm
Worked on my research and did a bit of coding with the help of my dear friend Stack overflow.

6:00 pm
Chatted with my friend so he can teach me a new spaghetti recipe through Messenger.

8:00 pm
Watched a lecture and took notes using Notes app. Then, solved some programming problem sets while listening to a playlist in Spotify.

9:30 pm
Used my Apple watch to track my workout session.

10:30 pm
Binge watched Sherlock season 4.

As an overview of my activities through the day, I noticed that I heavily depend on apps and technologies to practice my daily needs.