Margaret’s Data Log: 2/13

The types of digital data collected throughout 2/13/17.

  • Location/travel: Facebook messenger’s location services track where my messages were sent from, and Uber receipts show that I traveled into Boston. MIT ID taps log when I entered my dorm and when I ate dinner in the dining hall
  • Health: Fitbit tracks my heart rate, active minutes, calories burned, steps walked, etc. It also registered my morning workout and categorized the type of exercise I did. The treadmill recorded my pace and distance.
  • Spending: Credit card data shows what I’ve spent (and it hints at what I ate). Venmo transactions record the payments I made for brunch
  • Email: timestamps stored in Gmail show when I was received/opened/responded to emails
  • Internet history: Chrome internet history remembers the web pages I visited
  • Text messages: texts record who I interacted and the plans I made with friends for the upcoming days
  • Calendar events: Google calendar stores my schedule for the day
  • Computer downloads: these reflect the homework/readings I downloaded during the day
  • Entertainment: iOS Game Center records when I opened mobile games and Spotify history shows when I listened to music (and what sort of mood I was in)