Sam’s Data Log for 2/15/17

Ongoing throughout day:

Sending/receiving emails

Social media visits (Instagram, Facebook)

Text messaging

Google searches

Google docs/drive modifications

MIT website visits


Other activities

8:00 AM – Tapped MIT ID to get into Z-Center gym

8:50 AM – Tapped MIT ID to exit Z-Center gym

8: 55 AM – Purchase record at LaVerdes

10:00 AM – Downloaded Arduino

11:50 AM – Delivered tuition check to MIT Student Financial Services

11:55 AM – Purchase record at LaVerdes

1:30 PM – Accepted two Google calendar invitations

3:00 PM – Took ecological footprint survey online at

4:00 PM – Tapped MIT ID to get into Athena cluster

4:15 PM – Used MIT printer

4:30 PM – Joined Piazza site as a TA for 15.S50

5:00-7:00 PM – Constant internet use, various Google apps use, communication via text/email

7:00 PM – Attendance recorded in evening class

9:30 PM – Team GroupMe set up

9:55 PM – Checked MIT Saferide app and took Saferide (Maybe data collected?)

10:30 PM – Watched Netflix

Most used throughout day: Email, Google Calendar