Niki Waghani’s Data Log

9am – Added an event on my Google Calendar. Was surprised when I realized someone else’s travel calendar and schedule was showing up on my phone, just because we had been traveling together earlier.

10am – Looked up all sorts of information on movies about the Oscars on Safari. Google stores my last few searches.

11am – Tapping in to the EECS lounge with my card. They probably keep track of how many people come in and out. It’s possible they could even keep track of who.

12pm – Listened to music on Youtube. It now knows what kinds of songs I like and makes suggestions based off of that.

1pm – Facebook: Tracks where I like to online shop and the times of day I’m most active on the Internet

2pm – Allowed Google Maps to use my location.

6pm – Uber: Tracks where I am and where I’m going.

7pm – Uploaded video for UAT to the class website. Have also uploaded other psets to class websites earlier in the day.

9pm – Netflix knows the last show I was watching and kept track of where it stopped. It also still remembers the names and viewing information of a few friends who shared my account nearly two years ago.