Architecture and Related Services Occupation Share

-what data is being shown

The data show the occupations by share in the architecture and related services.

-who you think the audience is

The audience are architects, people who have the related jobs, people who are interested in the architecture and related services, people who study the structure of the architecture related occupations, and people who want to start business related to architecture etc.

-what you think the goals of the data presentation are

The goal of this map is to show there are many related services of architecture, and what are the Percentage of those services in the industry chain. Secondly, the map creator also categories the occupations by management, business, science and art; Sales and office occupations; Service occupations; production, transportation and material moving occupations; natural resources, construction and maintenance occupations; Military specific occupations. In addition, the complicated map indicate the innate association of one occupation with another.

-whether you think it is effective or not and why

It is very effective in terms of showing the percentages of each occupation take in the whole industry. And the category is very clear. It is very helpful to understand the relationships and thus better refine this architecture related industry. It is also good that the audience could click on each occupation to see the population and the salaries. However, I find some of the information are too small to read. In addition, I could not understand the logic of how the map creator associate one occupation with another and why the order of the occupations are like these.