Personal Resume Data Visualization

Team Member:  Siyang(Autumn) Jing

The Personal Resume Visualization is designed to tell my personal story in an interesting and clear way. This resume is used for job interviews, whose audience is interviewers. Because both the interviewer and I are designers, the goal is that the visualization map is beautiful and easy to understand.

Though refection of my personal experiences, I categorize my data to three layers, which are concluded as three key words, brad global view, professional achievements as well as reliable and efficient personality. The first layer, the outer one, talked about the first key word, global view. This associated with my education background, my practice, the activities the teaching experience and awards. The middle layer is my design projects throughout my academic career. The project are labeled with professional tags, which will make my work type very clear to the audience. The inner layer illustrated my special personalities, which will benefit my future career. All the three layers will tell the audience my personal story.

It is not only a personal data visualization for me, but also an opportunity to reflect on myself and make progress in the future.