Margaret’s Data Log for Sunday 2/12/17

Data created and captured in digital form on Sunday, February 12, 2017:

  • number of steps in Apple Health app on my iPhone
  • sent emails
  • saved pins to my Pinterest
  • took pictures which were saved as image files in my phone’s Photos
  • added events to the Calendar app on my phone
  • sent fb/text messages
  • filled out whenisgood form online
  • got a greenbox from dining, which was logged in
  • created shared documents in Google Drive
  • bought pocket tissue from La Verdes, a transaction logged by the cashier into the computer
  • tapped my ID to get into McCormick Hall
  • logged progress on homework assignments in My Study Life web app
  • clicked ‘Going’ on a Facebook event
  • downloaded some files to my laptop
  • internet browsing history
  • wrote this blog post, which is saved in WordPress